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    can you force HTTPService to go to server instead of looking in cache?

    SPGAnne Level 1

      I think I've found out the reason my Flex/php/mySQL database test app isn't working.  I used the wizard to generate the .php service code to get at the mySQL database and am using the HTTPService to FindAll records, Delete a record and the do a FindAll again.  My deleted record shows up again as not deleted (even thought phpMyAdmin confirms that it was indeed deleted), but when I empty my cache in IE 8 and then do the FindAll again, it works and the deleted record is gone.  Soooooo....how do I force my HTTPService .send request to always go to the server and not look in the cache


      I am new to mySQL and to php, so don't assume I know anything when you post an answer.


      Thanks very much in advance to any of you gurus who can help.