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    html with flash navigation problems


      I working on a clients website that's hosted by a very limited server but refuse to leave it. They are forcing me too use an applet to ftp files to the server, so just imagine the limitations. So I can't make php & tpl files (like a header.tpl, content.tpl and a footer.tpl) which would be helpful because the client requires me to make a small change on only the top at least once a month and there are over 100 html files that would need to be changed. So after doing this now 3 times i started searching for ways around it. After being stung by a bee in the forehead I remembered using <iframe> a long time ago and was thinking i might be able to use this. So I tried it but unfortunately when you hit a button in the flash (.swf) file that's in the html referenced in the <iframe> the flash just reloads and plays again like a play it again button.


      So is the problem the action script:




      function aboutMe(e:MouseEvent):void {

      var aboutLink=new URLRequest("http://www.monarchfurniture.com/about.html");




      or is it something with the iframe tag?




      I'm using cs4 and here is a link to the test page:




      PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the bee sting is really itchy