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    Video Player Issues

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                I have develooped a video player in actionscript 2. But it is not getting perfect. I am mentioning the problems as below:


      1) I am showing the progress of video downloading in the player with a bar width increasing according to the video downloaded. The problem is that with the position of scrubber and video downloading rate. Actually the scrubber position should always be less than the width of progress bar of video downloading na? eg: Consider that the width of progress bar is 150, when 50% of video is downloaded, thus the scrubber x-position should be less than 150. But in this time, the scrubber may move to higher than 150 as video plays.


      2) The other is with the seeking functionality of scrubber. When i drag the scrubber, the scrubber may not come to dragged new position. While dragging the scrubber, it seems to be shivering and not comes to the new position.


      3) I am showing a preloader while buffering time. How I implemented this is explained as follows:

           When I play a file from the video thumbnails, I keep the visibility of preloader as true. Then, in the "NetStream.Buffer.Full" event, the visiblilty is changing to false. Then in the "NetStream.Buffer.Full" event, the visibility is set to true. Then I set the buffer time to 30 seconds. This is working fine when the duration of video is greater than 30 seconds. If the duration of video is less than 30sec, the "NetStream.Buffer.Full" event is not getting fired and the preloader visibility is not getting set even after the video starts playing.


      Can anybody help me. Its very urgents. I have to solve this problem today itself. So plzplz plz plz help me.


      If anybody needs to see the code to solve it, please tell me, I will post the relevant code.


      Thanks and Regards,