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    Account Enrollment Initial Failure

    Pari Semarang Level 1

      Hello, buddies!


      I posted 2 discussion messages on the solution accelerators forum.

      Both of the problems have been solved successfully. But now the next session has come up.


      My milestone is to use LiveCycle ES for constructing nation-wide insurance system.

      As for the first step, I've been testing LiveCycle ES solution accelerators on 8.2 version.


      To ensure the capability of LiveCycle ES and also Solution Accelerators, I have to speed up the configuration the business process

      of Account Enrollment.


      Anyway things are not going well.


      The problem is as follow:


      After I have signed in Finance Corporation portal, I clicked the Apply Now button to open a Commercial Account.

      The the aforementioned screen was appeared.

      But no more action. I've already checked the websphere application server log files. No errors, no outputs.


      And also I recorded PrepopulateSNCVars process in LiveCycle Workbench ES.

      It worked fine. For pre-populating, it captured the profile of Kel Varsen correctly.


      I want to check if the problem is because of selection and capture widget library.

      Any idea?


      Any help will be much appreciated.



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          Pari Semarang Level 1

          Yes, this problem has been solved today.

          While initializing database in SQL Server 2005 with hibernate, some differences between data types have impacted the SNC deployment.

          To be exact, it was 'blob' type.


          So i changed the 'blob' into 'varbinary' in SQL Server 2005.

          Now that it seems to me everything is ok, but one thing I found is that there is a deserialize error in websphere log file.


          It will be resolved soon.