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    Video size of 720 x 536

    agreatheight Level 1

      So I have been asked to create DVD for a freelance TV reporter. She gave me 6 authored DVDs to cull video from, edit them to lenght, and assemble on to a new authored DVD. Simple, right? Nope. I rip the videos into QT and after setting them up in a "DV NTSC" project template, editing and exporting, the clips are cropped. Sure enough, I notice the clips I brought in are 720 x 536 (1.0) and not 720 x 480 (0.9) to match the sequence, which confuses the hell out of me... as I thought NTSC was 640 x 480 (?). So I am thinking the DVDs are the raw TV camera data so the DVDs can be played in a broadcast studio with the extra info off screen at home, but I am really not sure. Help!


      1) What is the best way to handle this? I want the DVD to play on all screens with nothing cut off.

      2) Since I already set up the projects, is there a way to fix it without making a new project (and starting over)? I couldn't figure out how to make the parameters for the sequence change...

      3) The preset for DV NTSC says it's 4:3, but the pixel dimensions for 720 x 480 (0.9). What gives? 4:3 is 1.33333 and 720 x 480 is 1.5. Am I insane to think that NTSC should be 640 x 480 (which I cannot find a preset for)?


      Any help would be appreciated, Of course, this is deadline driven, and I am sick.


      Many thanks!