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    SWF with xml and css to flv format..need help


      I have slideshow that is your typical stand alone .swf with accompanying .xml and .css configuration files along with a folder for the images. I don't have the .fla

      I need to flatten this or merge it all together to create an flv. Is this possible and if so how do I do this?

      Because this is a client I can't just re-create another slide show..it needs to be exactly the same. For me to redo it entirely in fla would be so very time consuming as the slides have 2-3 different effects each and to get the timing exactly right would be near impossible.

      I hope someone has a magical solution for me.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Have you tried a screen recorder to create a video of the .swf as it plays?

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            Griffin9Mex Level 1

            Actually Rob, right after posting I came across a post mentioning screen

            recorders and tried 5 of them. However, I am either not using the right

            settings or the progs I tried weren't good enough cause all of them have

            some freeze and jump during recording and the vids don't come out smooth. I

            think this may be because although they allow you to set frames per seconds

            for recording, they all vary that setting during the actual recording. I can

            see the frames per second going from 18 to 12. I am not really experienced

            in video.


            Here's the list of those I tried: CamStudio, Free screen recorder, BB

            Flashback2 express, BSR screen recorder 4 and ZealSoft.


            If you happen to know of a really good one or what the right settings might

            be I'd be glad to hear it.


            By the way, so far, you seem to be the only one who got my question

            right..all other replies I got from varying forums tell me to google swf



            Thanks bud.