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    Tab controls not working




      I have designed a form with textfields, drop-down lists, buttons in Aptana studio. (an AIR application)


      The tab control works fine, when navigating to textfields, however on navigating to drop-down list, the tab doesn work.


      here's a part of my code:

      <form name="modify_profile_form">
                              <div id="form-info">
                              <dt>First Name *</dt><dd><input  type="text" ></dd>
                              <dt>Middle Name</dt><dd><input    type="text"></dd>
                              <dt>Last Name </dt><dd><input  type="text"></dd>
                              <dt>Country *</dt><dd><select style="width:170px;"><option value="0">Select Country</option></select></dd>


      //on clicking tab, control doesn go to state.

                              <dt>State *</dt><dd<select ><option value="0">Select State</option></select></dd>



      Since using tabs is imp in my app, could anyone please help me out???