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    Textframe problem




      I’m filling a document with textframes. Each textframe contains a text (article info) and a table with two cells (article number and price) below. When I have filled the first column of the page to the bottom of the page I want to start at the top of the next column. My program discovers that the textframe won’t fit in the column and it sets the new coordinates where I want to insert the textframe. But when the textframe is inserted the table is in the top of the textframe and the text is below instead of the opposite way as it should be.




      The looks something like this



      TextFrame = _MyPage.TextFrames.Add(myLayer)


      ' some code to calculate the position of the textframe

      TextFrame.GeometricBounds = myFramePos


      TextFrame.ParentStory.Texts.ItemByRange(TextFrame.ParentStory.Texts.Item(1).Characters.Ite m(1), TextFrame.ParentStory.Texts.Item(1).Characters.item(TextFrame.ParentStory.Texts.Item(1).C haracters.Count - 1)).Item(1).Contents = Text


      TextFrame.Tables.Add(InDesign2CS.idLocationOptions.idAtEnd, )







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          AdobeScripts Level 3

          hi Magnus,


          even if your new TextFrame is part(end) of your main story - you can(should) add new text as contents of last InsertionPoint - something like this:


          If TextFrame.InsertionPoints.Item(-1).Contents <> vbCR then

          TextFrame.InsertionPoints.Item(-1).Contents = vbCR

          ' just in case if your main text don't end with empty line

          ' you can also add FrameBreak, PageBreak, etc.

          End If


          TextFrame.InsertionPoints.Item(-1).AppliedCharacterStyle = myCharStyle


          TextFrame.InsertionPoints.Item(-1).AppliedCharacterStyle = myCharStyle

          or any other pre-formatting code




          TextFrame.ParentStory.InsertionPoints.Item(-1).Contents = Text

          Call TextFrame.ParentStory.InsertionPoints.Item(-1).Tables.Add


          thanks to this - you don't need to check/care if end of your Story is visible or overset


          of course, if your TextFrame is newly created and alone - not part of any Story - you can do:


          TextFrame.ParentStory.Contents = Text

          Call TextFrame.ParentStory.InsertionPoints.Item(-1).Tables.Add





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            Makkanj Level 1




            Thanks, that solved my problem.



            But now I got another problem. I got these values in an array:



            Dim FramePos(3) As Object


            FramePos(0) = 21.0

            FramePos(1) = 84.75

            FramePos(2) = 22.0

            FramePos(3) = 28.25



            And then I want to set these values to TextFrame.GeometricBounds like this:



            TextFrame.GeometricBounds = FramePos



            But the values is TextFrame.GeometricBounds is



            (0) 21.0

            (1) 28.25

            (2) 22.0

            (3) 84.75



            Value 1 and 3 has switched position compared to what it looked like in FramePos.



            Anyone who got any idea what's wrong?




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              AdobeScripts Level 3

              hi Magnus,


              GeometricBounds return/store values as (Y1,X1,Y2,X2), where:


              Y1,X1 - top-left corner

              Y2,X2 - bottom-right corner