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    Special character display in FLASH

    Devendran Level 1


      I am Facing Text problem when loading a SWF into my File.


      I am having around 100s of FLASH Swf files which is published for FLASH 5 (I don't have source)

      Each file is loading a TXT file to display DATA (Using LoadVariables)


      When running this files alone everything is working good. The problem is i have created one Main file to Navigate through this pages.

      Which can be published on or above Flash player 7.


      Here is the problem... When loading that PAGE (FLASH 5) into the BASE Movie (FLASH 7) Some Special characters (ù) are not displaying. The page level texts are not using INSTANCE NAME instead of that they used variable naming for text.


      if i try to load the PAGE inside a FLASH 5 file it works good and displaying perfectly.  I have tried with SystemCodepage = true, and some other methods. I can't publish my Main file in FLASH 5.


      i would be very happy if i receive some cool idea or solution.



      Sample code


      image_mc.txt = unescape("men%F9  ::  menù");


      Sample source attached