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    A little change in my tree path function

    zakabalt Level 1

      Hello, I have a tree that receive this XML as data, and I want to know what is the path of one node, for example if I do click in Documentation I want to receive INBOX.Drafts.Flex.Documentation. I have a function to do that but I get that. prueba@xxxx.com.INBOX.Drafts.Flex.Documentation. But id on't want the first node(prueba@xxxx.com). Here the xml and my function. What I have to change to get  INBOX.Drafts.Flex.Documentation?


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Cuenta id="cuenta1" label="prueba@XXXXX.com">
          <node label="INBOX" id="(2)">
            <node label="Drafts" />
            <node label="Flex" id="(49)">
              <node label="Codigo" />
              <node label="Documentacion" />
            <node label="Sent" />
            <node label="Trash" />
        <Cuenta id="cuenta2" label="prueba@YYYYY.com">
          <node label="INBOX">
            <node label="Name">
              <node label="Surname" />
            <node label="Carpeta1" id="(37)">
              <node label="Carpeta11" />
            <node label="Trash" />

      public function getRuta():String {
                   var item:Object = newTree.selectedItem;
                    while (true){
                         if (newTree.getParentItem(item) != null){
                          ruta = item.@label + "." + ruta;
                         }else {break;}
                     return ruta;


      I think that the difference is small but I don't know how can I do. I have to say that the xml is not always the same, sometimes have 3 fathers, or 5 fathers or... I want something dinamic.