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    How to split H.264 video file then playback with FlashPlayer


      Hi all,


      I want to develope a Flash or Flex application that can stream a video file in H.264 codec.

      It's easy to do this with FMS, but it becomes difficult with my budget


      I have an idea to do the streaming (not really streamming ) via HTTP.

      My idea is: Split the large H.264 file into small pieces.

      The client can download the small files then play back in order. (MyVideo1, MyVideo2.dat.....MyVideoM.dat)

      The client first will download the metadata in XML format.

      The client is able to play/jumb to the middle stream, the client will start download from MyVideoM.dat...(1<=M<=N)


      My question is: How can i split my large Video file in H.264 codec in to smaller pieces (MyVideoN.dat) that flash player can play.

      Which is the minimum metada that i have to put into my small file so that FlashPlayer can understand my video files?


      Am i able to simply split the video file at serverside, then Client will inject the metadata into the downloaded small DAT files using Flash??


      Thanks for your support

      Binh Le