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    RH 8: Error: Cannot Read RHFrameStyleMappings.apj


      We recently upgraded from RH7 to RH8. One of our project files (.xpj) would not open. After clicking Okay to Upgrade to RH8 I got a message "Error: Cannot Read RHFrameStyleMappings.apj". I decided to try copying RHFrameStyleMappings.apj from another project folder into the project folder of the project file that would not open.  Then when trying to open the project file again I received this message "Error: Cannot Read RHFrameDoc.apj"  and once again I copied it over from another file.  I tried opening it again and it worked.  I also tried generating the project to make sure it worked and it appears to work as normal. My question is if there is any reason my copying the two .apj files over could cause problems with the project file or if I should consider the problem fixed.  Thanks!