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    Javascript calls from flash send GET request

      I'm having this problem with calling a javascript function after opening a new URL from flash. Basically what I have going on in my flash is a button, that when clicked, opens a new URL in "_blank" sending values to it using a POST request (I have done this both by using getURL and by using a LoadVars object). This part works fine, however immediately after it, I have a call to the javascript function "window.close()" (which I have done both using getURL and ExternalInterface). This works great in Firefox, but in IE the POST request seems to be getting interrupted by the javascript call.

      I did a check on the values getting passed using Charles, and it clearly shows that in IE there is a POST request getting sent to the page I'm loading in the new window, immediately followed by a GET request. This get request overrides the POST and for some reason only appears when making a javascript called. If I change that javascript call to opening a new URL in _self, for example, it doesn't show up.

      Does anyone have any idea what this is all about? Is there a solution to this? Why is this happening?!