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    Premiere Pro won't minimise properly during video capture


      If anybody could help me with this it would be much appreciated:


      I haven't encountered this problem this before but I have Premiere Pro from the CS3 Master Suite running and the capture window is open, capturing video from a deck. When I minimise Premiere I can normally carry on with other work in Microsoft Excel or other similar software. This only lasts for a few moments before the tab for Premiere on the Start Bar starts flashing and deselects whichever program I am working on so that any keystrokes or keyboard shortcuts I use are applied to Premiere and are halting or otherwise affecting the capture process. I need to know if there are any options in Premiere to prevent it from "re-activating" whilst minimised as it is halting the progress of my work, it is flashing away at me now like an insidious little beacon of hate........I must stop it........