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    Preview Live Video Encoding Settings


      I am working with an AS2 application that was put together a while back.  The app is used to publish a live video stream to FMS.  I am using the Camera class to connect to a local camera (Camera.get()) and to setup the encoding specs for the stream that is to be published to FMS.  To preview the camera signal, I am using Video.attachVideo() to attach that camera output to a Video instance on the stage.  This is all working greta for me.


      But here's the thing.  The video stream that is being pumped to the Video instance is the direct signal from the camera.  Nice and clean.  I seem to remember that there is a way to view the video signal with the encoding settings applied to it.  It's just one little line of code, if I remember correctly.  However, I can't seem to find the code that will do that.


      Can anyone quickly share the code that will allow me to preview the encoded video stream?