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    Jagged edges when using rounded rectangle




      Hope someone can help me here.


      I am designing a website for myself (first timer) and have created menu bars and buttons using the rounded rectangle tool.

      The images look good but the edges are pixelated.

      I am using anti-alias and have also try feathered but to no avail.


      When I preview the site in the browser I can still see the pixelated edges (I assumed it might be a magnification or resolution issue)


      I am not using any images, have not extracted etc. I am simply using the rounded rectangle to create a menu bar and then colouring it in as a gradient, adding text and that's pretty much it.


      Any help given here will be greatly appreciated.





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          pixlor Level 4

          You shouldn't see anything in the browser that you don't see in Fireworks. If you have magnified your view by zooming your browser, then reset it to normal zoom. If that isn't the problem...


          One thing you can try is to make your navigation images 2 or 4 times larger than you want, export the files, import them and reduce them to 50% or 25%, depending. Sometimes, you can get what appears to be a smoother edge by reduction than you can with Firework's anti-aliasing of rounded shapes.

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            Samplecraze Level 1

            Hi Pixlor,


            Thanks for that m8.


            Shame it's such a tedious workaround.


            I dumped the rounded rectangular tool and redraw with the standard rectangular tool and set the roundness.


            Why is Fireworks so bad at this?


            Oh, thank you for the advice. Very helpful.