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    Uploading multiple large files

    ACS LLC Level 1

      I am going to have a need to upload large files to the server, 25meg, 50meg. It's within an Intranet, so bandwidth is plentyfull, therefore speed of upload would not be a big issue.


      However, there could potentially be multiple files.


      I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions on performing this? I don't want to spend weeks on code but some sort of 3rd party plug in would be ideal, something that would give me a progress bar, maybe even compress the files first on the client side would be even better.


      I have previously developed a site using the Aurigma image uploader, which is the same image uploader used by facebook, and it did a similar job, but only for images ( http://www.aurigma.com/Products/ImageUploader/default.aspx ). This gave an ActiveX and Java component which once you understood it took minutes to integrate


      I need something like this, powerful, but not insanely complex to integrate.


      Anybody have any ideas?