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    Mylyn incompatibility problem?

    yacoubean Level 1

      Mylyn is by far my favorite Eclipse plugin.  For those not familiar with Mylyn, it allows you to easily create "tasks" which are groups files that could be spread across multiple Eclipse projects, and then easily switch between them.  So say you are working on a project for client ABC and you have 5 cfm files open, as well as some css and xml files.  Then you get an emergency request from client XYZ, so you have to switch to working on their site.  With Mylyn you can close the ABC task and open XYZ's task (or create a new one), and then later come back to ABC's task and it will reopen the 5 cfms and css/xml files that you were working on.


      Anyway, back to my issue.  I have noticed that with CFBuilder (I'm using the standalone version, not the plugin version), when I install Mylyn there is a 45-60 second "hang" when I first open CFBuilder.  I know this is Mylyn's fault because it didn't start happening until after I installed Mylyn (and Mylyn is the only additional plugin I've installed).  I do not have this problem when I use Mylyn with CFEclipse.


      Mylyn is very popular in the CFEclipse crowd, so I'd guess that a lot of CFBuilder users are going to be using Mylyn.