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    Skinning button component in L.I


      This topic is a little advanced. I been working for the last three days on trying to find a way to customize the skin of the Button component in the Learning Interactions (LI) that ships with flash. The procedures in flash documentation (customizing components) are helpful and helped me customize the RadioButton and checkBox components very fine, but when it came to the Button components things are a way more challenging.

      You can find the LI in the common library of flash. The codes of placed within two movie clips, but most variables are scoped to _root. The codes are respectively within the "superClass" clip timeline (see "controls" folder in library), and for each Quizz template complementary codes is on the timeline of the mc embedded (ctrl+B, then double-click the instructions graphic ).

      Something in the code overrides the normal Button Component Behavior and look in a way that i cannot skin it with normal procedures described in the documentation,nor even after following the very nice pieces of expert advices in this article ( http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/skinning_2004.html).

      Well now i have tried guys, but i seem like not able to find a way around this.Maybe you guys won't beleive me, but i sleep in the night and i dream iam still working on this, maybe i even talk i dunno lol. If you can please have a look at and help me that would be very great. It is an important project for me, and iam blocked in a key step in a long pipeline. Lemme remind the question: How would you alter the graphic of this component Button and replace it by your own look?

      Thank you