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    Edit Text in PDF Forms


      I was wondering if someone might be able to help me.

      I have a PDF Form which I created in LiveCycle, I was hoping to use this form as a template form, so all I had to do was to use the Touch Up Tool in Adobe Professional, and change the address.


      The problem occurs when I change the address, as soon as I hit return to add a new line, all the layout on that page goes all over the place instead of where it is actually meant to be!!

      Does anyone know how I can put a line in, without the formatting going wrong?

      Also, to make life easier, if I could change the text in Livecycle, that would be brilliant, the only problem being it doesn't look like there is an option for me to select the text and touch it up like there is in Professional.

      Can anyone help me please? I really don't want to have to create a new form for every company we have listed, I'll be here until 2012 just doing that!!

      Thank for your help in advance.

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          Would it make sense to use data binding or floating fields and keep the address information in XML files?



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            IanMiles1 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply, I am going to sound really thick here, but how is that done? I'm very new to using Adobe apps, is it something simple that I can be talked through, or is it quite in depth?


            Also, what is Data Binding????

            Sorry for all the questions, but I'm quite inquisitive as well!!



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              Steve L Walker Level 5

              Data binding enables data from an external represenation (an XML file, a database, or a Web Service) to populate form fields.


              Imagine a .pdf or a .xdp that represents a purchase order template and you need to generate, with any luck, thousands per month. You could read your customer data from a database and merge the customer data with the purchase order template to create the PO.


              On a smaller scale, open your .pdf in Acrobat and import the XML data into the form. I have attached a .pdf and an .xml to demonstrate. Open the .pdf in Acrobat, go to the toolbar (Forms > Manage Data > Import Data), and open the .xml.



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                IanMiles1 Level 1

                That's interesting, I never thought about using that sort of approach, I will definately look in to that further, I have since found the fault in the file, it appears that for me to take a line out, I have to put a space at the beginning of the text in order to remove the rest of the text. Which is really annoying!


                After the text was removed and the pdf saved, I went in to Livecycle and added a new field that way so that I could save individual files.

                What you have taught me though will prove extremely helpful, I will start having a look at doing this in place of what I already have, but unfortunately I can't experiment with it right now, if I need any more advice on this, is there a way fro me to get hold of you outside the forums?



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                  Steve L Walker Level 5



                  Sure. If you have further questions, send me an email at stwalker.adobe@gmail.com.



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                    IanMiles1 Level 1


                    Thanks for your help, you've given me something good to work on.