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    Somebody have examples of a swf-file with DVD-menu? (CS4)


      I am still no Adobe Encore CS4 user. However, the german test version of Adobe Premiere CS4 does not allow to me to use the programme Encore. I must create a SWF file with a DVD menu, there I this finished file connect in encryption software must integrate.


      Before I buy now premiere, I would like to see only whether the SWF file with the encryption software functioned.


      Can I download somewhere an example file in the SWF format with DVD menu? (flv and progessiver download). In the menu a linking should also exist to a web page. Or if somebody can create to me fast such an example file. Two films with 5-second playing time. The menu selects for the films and in the menu is also a link to a web page.


      I would be very grateful for this help.
      (Excuse for not perfect English. I come from Germany).