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    How to get started

    Diana7969 Level 1

      I have a very basic need/question:


      I come from an environment that used Adobe Framemaker with Quadralay Webworks to create PDFs and online help.


      I joined a company that uses Word and RoboHelp with no one here experienced in using these products. I do know Word very well but totally new to Robohelp.


      The question: how does Robohelp use Word files? I need a VERY BASIC Getting Started guide.


      If you can recommend one, please do so. Thanks.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I'm not sure any such guide exists any longer.


          RoboHelp has its roots in Word. After all, it began its existence as a Word add in. Then later split its personality. Now we see RoboHelp for Word and RoboHelp HTML. Two separate products.


          For me, the distinction is quite simple. What is the output you are using? If it's in any way HTML based, RoboHelp HTML is the way to go hands down. RoboHelp for Word may be used for that, but you will likely find yourself painted into corners you would not have been if you simply used RoboHelp HTML to begin with.


          With RH for Word, you edit using Microsoft Word. Then you output different formats. With RoboHelp HTML, you author using either the RoboHelp HTML editor that is built in or you may use a different HTML editor such as Dreamweaver.


          As you can hopefully see here, Word is used in different ways. With RH for Word, you actually edit in Word. But in RoboHelp HTML, you can work with Word files in different ways. If you have version 8, you may link to the Word file or you may import it. Either way, the content is converted to HTML topics.


          The subject is long and full of options, so I'll stop here until you refine things by asking more pointed questions.


          Cheers... Rick



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            Diana7969 Level 1

            Wow. Let me start by thanking you for such a quick response.


            Some additional information:


            1. I am very comfortable with using Word as an editor. Not at all comforatble with HTML. So on one hand, I'd be leaning toward RoboHelp for Word.

            2. Our output consists primarily of PDF and only secondly, HTML help files.

            3. I have RoboHelp 7. Are you saying that RoboHelp 8 will allow importing of Word files? If so, perhaps, I will consider an upgrade.



            The beauty of using Framemaker is that you created individual files (or "chapters") and compiled them in a book. This allowed you to reuse the "chapters" in different books. Word's master document feature should do this (in a perfect world) but is non-functional, so that is out of the question. Can RoboHelp do something similar?


            I will explore the links you sent.


            Thanks again.



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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              Hi Diana.


              From the additional detail you have given us I'd still agree with what Rick has said. One of the real beauties of RH for HTML is that it uses a WYSIWYG editor that is very similar to Word in many respects and which generates the HTML behind the scenes for you. Under normal circumstances you won't have to look at the HTML at all. In addition the RH HTML application can output Word or PDF files.


              RH HTML version 8 can indeed import word files but then so can version 7 so you don't need to upgrade. If you were to upgrade to version 8 you could explore its ability to link your RH project to a set of FrameMaker files. These can be updated and the changes updated directly into your RoboHelp project.


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