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    Footage to big for after effects cs4?

    lostinscript Level 1



      Im pretty new to after effects and im having trouble importing footage.  The footage i am importing is shot in 24p SD from DVtape in my camera and is about 3gb in size.  When i try importing it from my camera (panasonic dvx 100b) after effects crashes.  I've tried disabling openGL and using the 'secret' purge after every 15 frames and also deleting the preference files on startup but with no luck.  I import the footage using the windows import wizard when i plug in my camera.


      Is 3gb to big for after effects?  Would it be better to import using premiere pro?  What else could be causing the crash?


      I have an AMD Athlon Dual Core with 4gb ram and a ATI 2600 graphics card.


      Thanks for any advice...