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    Cannot install JavaHelp therefore cannot view JavaHelp

    oceanbreeze Community Member

      RoboHelp HTML Version 8


      I am running Windows Vista Ultimate on a 64-bit operating system on a new HP HDX Premium Series machine.


      When I generate JavaHelp, the files are generated correctly, however, when I click on the "Click View Result to view:  aodb.hs", a dialog box is displayed:


      JavaHelp- Requirement

      JavaHelp 2.0 or later is required to view output correctly.  Please install the latest JavaHelp or select "View Without Javahelp 2.0"


      If I click "View Without JavaHelp 2.0", it displays message saying "JavaHelp 1.0 or later is required to view JavaHelp output.  Please install the latest JavaHelp and locate the install folder."  If I then click, "Locate JavaHelp Install Folder", it opens the "Browse For Folder" window.  I can find the Java folder, but no "javahelp" file.


      If I click "Locate javahelp Install Folder", it opens the "Browse For Folder" windoe and I cannot find "Javahelp".  If I then click OK, a window opens with a title of "HtmSingleSourceJavaHelp" and the messages says:  "JavaHelp 2.0 is not installed in the folder: C:\Users|Diane."


      I did a search on my computer and it does not find any file called javahelp.


      What file should I be looking for?


      Is the Javahelp file the RoboHelp viewer is looking for part of the Java install that I have downloaded and installed or is there something separate that i need to download from Sun to install?


      Thanks for your help.