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    AVCHD Video studders


      I am trying to edit avchd video clips but when I drop it to the timeline, it studders.  The audio plays fine, but the video does not.  I am running CS4 version 4.1.0.  The settings I recorded in was PH 1080/30p on the Panasonic AG-HMC150P camera.  The project settings i am using is the AVCHD present for 1080i30 (60i) non-anomorphic.   I tried editing in 1080p30 but when I dropped it on the timeline it said it needed to be rendered where as the 1080i30 didn't.  So my problem is that I can't edit but it studders so bad.  Any one know how to fix this? Thank you.


      Also my video card is the ATI Raden 4650.