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    Flex Builder: jumping breakpoints when debugging



      my breakpoints seems to be jumping when debugging.

      Scenario: In Flex Builder for Mac (I seen the same in the Alpha version for Linux as well), I toggle breakpoints. I run debug. The breakpoints have now moved to other parts of the code and the debugger follows some imaginary lines unlike what is actually on the screen.

      For example:


      (pseudo code with line numbers)

      1 for loop {

      2   if {

      3       code

      4   } else {

      5       code

      6   }

      7 }



      Say I put the breakpoint on line 2.

      I start the debugger.

      Breakpoint now moves to line 3.

      If I follow the code (pressing F6) it would then go to line 4, and 5.


      I have also seen the debugger stop on empty lines or areas where there are no code.


      It's as if there is a sync problem between where the code really is and what is shown to the user via the GUI.

      It's really annoying and makes the debugger useless.

      Any idea how to fix this?


      Note: the built executable is on another machine. Not sure if this is the cause.