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    Sound doesn't play in project or source window only from timeline

    blackrosekiller Level 1

      I have Premiere Pro CS4 and a problem just started occurring.  If I click on any audio file (not a video file that has audio) in the project window and then click on the play icon in thetop left of the project window I suddenly hear my microphone sound or no sound at all.


      Then I suddenly can't play anything on the timeline.  I can scrub the timelinme and see the VU metter levels move but get no sound.  The problem will go away.  If I play with my Creative Labs XiFi volume control on the task bar sometimes the audio comes back or sometimes it just comes back on it's own.


      If I launch a clip from the project window into the source window the same issues occur.


      If I play an audio clip from the timeline or launch a clip from the timeline into the osurce window it plays fine.


      If I switch from the creative Asio driver in Premiere to the Premiere default sound none of these problems occur.


      I thought it might be related to a recent update of my sound drivers so I did a system restore to a week before the driver updates and the same problem happens.


      It's like the microphone suddenly got mapped to my audio files in the project window.  I spent almost 3 hours on with Adobe being farmed around from tech to tech only to have them tell me that they were having issues transferring the call and that I would need to call back another day.


      I have Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 with 6 GB of Ram and all the latest updates.  If I disable the microphone then the software locks up when I try to play these files.


      Can anyone make any suggestions?