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    "Identifier 'swfcontroller1' used more than once" errors



      I am trying to make a demo dropdown menu in Catalyst using SWF components. One part of the work is creating states for a "selected" dropdown based on what option the user clicks.


      State 1 - SWF movie clip serving as a dropdown button

      State 2 - SWF movie clip of the dropdown tray sliding down + SWF buttons for each selection

      States 3-5 - SWF movie clips of the collapsed dropdown button with the selected text


      When I placed the SWFs for States 3-5, they placed into the Main.mxml file with:

      <fclib:SWFController includeIn="SaleItems" source="@Embed('/assets/images/SaleUp.swf')" id="swfcontroller1" creationComplete="swfcontroller1.stopSWF()" x="10" y="10" click="sWFController_clickHandler()" d:userLabel="Sale Up"/>



      Each state in states 3-5 placed with that same id string, so the project errors out with "Identifier 'swfcontroller1' used more than once".


      The SWFs do not have stop(); functions embedded.



      How do I prevent this and how do I fix it once it's in there?