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    Show text in a field when a button is pressed


      I'm trying to make an order form for a project, however I know no javascript. What I essentially want to do is have a list of options on one page that show something like XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. What would happen is if you clicked, for example, M on page 2, it would not only show as a check mark but would also display an "M" in a text field on the last page where the order form would be.


      Not only that, if someone were to change their mind and wanted the L option, they'd select L, the button automatically clearing the M check mark and move it to the L option, likewise with the text field clearing it of the "M" and replacing it with an "L" Basically on page 2, only one option can be selected.


      Now I have absolutely no clue as how to go about this. I've tried looking for tutorials all over with no luck or inundated with information that's beyond my understanding. Are there any tutorials for this that the layman can use?