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    No video on organizer clip playback


      I am inporting video from a dvd of a home made movie to Adobe Premiere Elements. It shows up on the organizer and I can see the still frame on each clip but when I try to preview them I hear the audio but cannot see the video. Same thing after I drag it to the sceneline. Whenever I press pause I see the still frame but it goes blank when I press playback again. Also after I drag the clips to the sceneline it starts "background rendering" but it takes so long that the program goes into a "not responding" mode and I have to start over.

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          Hi chebukan,

          i cannot answer your question but i would like to add a similar issue that is like yours.


          When i go to play a clip in the organiser, i don't get video or audio and the organiser locks up....i can still use elements but not the organiser.

          If i end and then restart organiser, i can then use any features apart from the video playback which will again lock the program if i try to playback a clip??

          Please help us!!

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Actually, these sound like two very different issues with similar symptoms.


            In answer to the first question, you should just wait it out until the background rendering and processing finishes. It may take a couple of minutes, but be patient. When it's all conformed and rendered, you should be fine.


            You can turn off background rendering the preferences (under the Edit menu), but that won't help you right now. You really need to let the program assimilate the DVD files before it will be able to work with (and play) them.


            BTW, if you decide to use this video in Premiere Elements, make sure your project uses the DVD/Hard Drive Camcorder project settings. Otherwise, you'll run into interlacing issues later.