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    can't get networkAffiliations in flex Facebook app

    pbesong Level 1

      I followed the tutorial here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/facebook/articles/build_your_first_facebook_app_04.html

      and didn't have any problems and it lists most of the user data, however, I could not get the user's networkAffiliations info. It comes back as "null" in the debugger and when I add


      title.text = "Hello " + user.first_name + " " + user.last_name + " from " + user.networkAffiliations;


      to the GetInfo method, it also gives me "null" after the word "from ".


      I am only in one network and expected to see it listed. I want to collect that information from users so I can exclude any from using the app who are not from that network. Is there some other import call I need to make?