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    thejokerman05 Level 1
      How do I write this to load the appropriate image? I want to load the same number as the button I click on. Now I have a trace action where the loading should occur and that only show that I'm loading image number 15 all the time. Anyone?

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          Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
          the reason you get a5 is because of the for. When you press the button the for has already worked its magic and is on 15. Maybe you should have the seprate buttons that have on(load) {_root.hitButton(1);} ... I'm not sure that is correct (it has been a while since I wrote code in a button or movieclip) or in the frame btn.onLoad = function _root,hitButton(1);. Stupidly enough I'm not even sure the a btn can have onLoad or even on(load).
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