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    How do i slow down single cell animation?


      I'm new to flash and I'm working on an animation project for my class.  I decided to do half of it as single cell animation and half of it using tweens and whatnot.  The parts that are single celled are moving WAY to fast and are throwing off the flow with my tweens.  It's a requirement of the project to have atleast 20 fps and I don't have enough time to dedicate to drawing tons of more cells.  For example, I have one animation made up of 40 frames and it needs to be stretched to about 100 frames. 
      I've tried copying all of the cells into a movie clip and attaching a stop(); method at the final frame in the movie clip, then importing that into my movie and stretching it to the length i need, but it just runs at the normal animation rate and then stops until the timeline gets to where it's time for the next event or scene to take place. 
      It sort of looks like i need to find a way to control the fps of my movie clip independently of the entire movie, but how would i go about that?

      Does anyone have any other ideas of how i could go about extending this:confused:?

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          coletrainwvu10 Level 1

          Shortly after I posted this, I realized that I could just double the size of each frame and that would work well enough to slow everything down.


          It still seems like there should be a more dynamic way to go about this though...

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            Tetra1984 Level 1

            I'm going to revive this thread because I have a very similar if not identical question.. So I have a movie clip with several layers inside all keyframed like I like it. However the movie seems to play too fast in the regular scene. I'd like to try and slow it down without disturbing all my keyframe work. If I could let this movie play at 20fps while the main scene played at 30 that might work, but I can't seem to get the movie framerate to work independently of the whole scene. My second idea would be to somehow 'stretch' the movie timeline so everything gets scaled up in sync... but I can't seem to figure that out either. Is there some time saving ability to do this, or do I just need to do it the hard way with trial and error??


            Any help would be swell.



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              Jay_Armstrong Level 2

              To answer your first question, Flash can only have 1 frame rate at a time, so all nested movie clips will share the frame rate of the main timeline.


              As for stretching an existing animation, it depends on whether it's a classic or motion based tween. With motion based tweens, stretching animations in the timeline is as simple as dragging the last frame of the tween. This is a major benefit.


              Editing existing classic tweens or frame by frame tweens is harder. You could manually add frames in between the existing keyframes and then and duplicate the content in the adjecent frames so that the presence of the content of the existing frames is extended to 2 or 3 or 4 frames or whatever you need instead of just one.