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    Help: audio at beginning of clips volume low when PP opens

    teloscientist Level 1
      I use m2t HD video from my sony HC-1 directly in my PP4 timeline.
      A strange glitch has begun to happen, that I both fail to understand and hate with a passion.

      When I open an existing project and play OR export a sequence, the audio at the beginning of most of the clips is too low to hear on the FIRST play. It sounds like I have a "fade in" volume setting on it of about 3 seconds. However, after the beginning of the clip has played once or twice, it plays fine.

      This isn't such a big deal when I am playing clips in the timeline (they play real time on my machine specs below, raid-0 1.5T drive for source clips and PP files), but if I make a change to some part of a video, then export the whole thing, the audio in the exported/rendered file has the same audio problem.

      To solve it, I must play the beginning of each clip in the sequence 1=3 times until the volume starts at full. In a sequence with 5 clips, this is (*^ing annoying. In a clip with 50 clips, it is "take a bat to the *&^%ing monitor" crazy.

      Anyone have this issue, and/or a solution?


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