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    Urgent help needed- Setting Printer Options.


      Hi all...
      i am currently doing a web application which will print the page/component when i click a button..

      The functionality is working fine. All i need is to change some settings in the printer options..

      I mean....
      1)When i click on print button(i have called printJob class with an object and starting the printer and adding the page to it), initially a SYSTEM DIALOG BOX APPEARS ASKING me to choose the printer with which i would like to print.
      2)My requirement is that i dont want that system print dialog box to come... When i click the print button it should automatically find the default printer and do the job..

      Kindly some one suggest the solution..
      i searched the properties of the printJob class. but couldn fine one to suit my requirement. i also tried using the AutoHotKey's but it makes my WEB Application system dependent. if any machine that doesnt have AutoHotKey installed, wont carry out Print automatically it will show the Print Dialoug box. What AutoHotKey does is, it sends Enter key to the print dialoug box. So which ever printer is set as a Default printer gets a print feed. But For this I need to install AutoHotKey on the machine which will carry out the Print functionality/where print button gets clicked.

      Please any suggestion will be helpful. We are totally stuck because of this issue.

      Thanks in advance