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    PE8 Organiser Splash Screen Locks Up

    Missteach Level 1



      Just got my delivery of PE8 yesterday and installed disc 1.  It was slow to open up from the new organiser, but PE8 did actually run eventually.  Then, I installed the extras DVD (disc 2 in my box).  This seemed to install lots more templates to use with the DVD side of burning.  Useful.  However, no matter what I now do, I can't get the program to open.


      I click on either NEW PROJECT or OPEN PROJECT but after the status bar has updated loading whatever it loads, absolutley nothing happens.  I can't get PE8 to open.  I waited for over 40 mins last night, but it just seemed to lock up.


      If I click NEW or OPEN again, it goes through the same loading process; but still nothing.


      I installed the latest QT and updated the Windows stuff last night too.


      Oddly, I can run PE4 and PPCS3 on the same machine, but not PE8!


      Any thoughts?


      I would normally contact tech support but there seems to be messages on every one of these Adobe forums saying they are not working as they should.


      I run XP SP3on a fast PC - certainly fast enough for PPCS3, and PPCS4.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It may be worth uninstalling the new programs and re-installing -- making sure to install Premiere Elements 8 first. It may not have taken the first time.


          This is, of course, assuming you have at least 30-40 gigabytes of free space on your C drive and that your computer is tuned and defragged and your temp files are removed.


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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Are you running one program at a time and not multitasking?


            Are you sure that you did not install the DVD Templates twice? I am still working from the tryout from online, so I have not gotten to the boxed purchased version for version 8 yet.


            Typically there is ONE installation disc in the boxed version and, when you click Install, it will install the whole program including the DVD Menus. Besides Install Program, there is usually a separate button for Install DVD Menu Templates. I have always thought that was for users who uninstalled the menus installed with the program and wanted to get them back again.


            As SG has indicated, check you computer resources...available RAM, free hard drive space, where your Scratch Files are directed (for old and new versions). Time for computer clean up and optimization???



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              Missteach Level 1

              Hello - thanks for the suggestions folks.


              I definitely installed Disc 1 first (the program).  This seemd to only load a limited amount of DVD templates.  In fact, a GUI opened up to inform me to install Disc 2 to install the remainder of the templates.


              How's this for odd.  I got fed up of waiting for PE8 to respond on my studio PC, so installed it on my laptop.   The laptop is getting a bit long in the tooth (2 year old Sony Viao) but does still fulfil minimum specs.


              I can get the prog to run on my laptop but the organiser won't open!  So, same installation discs and two different problems.


              Thank goodness it only cost £70.  I'll just have to write it off as a bad purchase.  And go back to my PPCS3 and PE4.


              Thanks anyway folks.

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                Allen Joy Level 1



                Can you check if Organizer is running in the task manager? If it is kill it and re-launch the Organizer from the welcome screen. Also if it still does not work try launching it from the Premiere Elements. There is Organizer button under Organize Tab

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                  VDOSurfer Level 3

                  Could you try launching the app from the installed location.. I do that whenever something does not launch from the shortcut from my messy desktop..

                  And ya, it's exe that launches the application, not the splash screen. Adobe Premiere Elements.exe and not Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 .exe..

                  Good luck