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    No credential found with alias

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      I am using livecycle 8.2 on WindowsXP with Jboss (trial turnkey installation).


      When invoking process from Workbench, which contains service [Apply Usage Rights] I am receiving following Exception:


      2009-10-14 10:13:20,429 ERROR [com.adobe.livecycle.readerextensions.CredentialsHelper] ALC-RES-001-002: No credential found with alias [0005859_EXP_12312009].
      com.adobe.truststore.errors.exception.TrustStoreAuthorizationException: Insufficient Privileges -- (error code bin: 0, hex: 0x0)


      2009-10-14 10:13:20,429 ERROR [com.adobe.idp.workflow.dsc.invoker.WorkflowDSCInvoker] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.readerextensions.client.exceptions.ReaderExtensionsException message:ALC-RES-001-002: No credential found with alias [0005859_EXP_12312009]. while invoking service ReaderExtensionsService and operation applyUsageRights and no fault routes were found to be configured.



      I verified that I have "0005859_EXP_12312009" label in Trust store -> local credentials. In a fact I tried also original "CREDENTIALS" label (which was available after instalation). When I am using http://<livecycleserver>:8080/ReaderExtensions/ flash application, reader-extensions works without errors, using the same private credential labels (CREDENTIALS, 0005859_EXP_12312009).


      Is there anyone, who have had the same experience ?

      I will appreciate every advice.