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    Movie size scale down




      I've been supplied with a movie clip that, when I import it, is sized at 720 x 576 pixels.


      Also, it has a thick black frame above and below the clip.


      Because I have to import the movie in to a flash file I need to scale the clip down so it has a maximum width of 488 pixels (doesn't matter about height as long as proportion is maintained).


      I have scaled it down but the clip now has a black border top, bottom, right and left. The reduced width has added a border.


      So, how can I scale the source file within premierepro to the black frame all round.


      I've spent quite a while searching all documentation and can't find a clear or concise answer anywhere!!? Surely this is a common task and I would have expected more direct instructions for this within the adobe documentation.


      Thanks for any advice in advance.