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    Assign custom TOC icons

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      I am working with RoboHelp 8. In RoboHelp 6, I was able to assign an icon to a book or page in the TOC. I'm trying to do it in RoboHelp 8 (according to the steps below from RH's help), but I don't have the "Image" field (step 2) to select an image.


      I will try and attach a screen capture so you can see what I'm referring to, but last time I tried, the image didn't get through to the forumTOC properties.gif.




      Assign custom TOC icons (HTML Help)

      1. In the Table Of Contents pod, right-click a book or page. Select Properties.

      2. Click the Advanced tab.

        Under Image, Auto indicates that the book or page uses the standard icon.

      3. From the pop-up menu, select an icon.

        You can assign other icons to books and pages after you add the bitmap file (BMP) to your project.

      4. (Optional) Select Mark As New to display the standard icon with a red star. The star indicates to users that the TOC item contains new information.

      5. Click OK.

      Version-control projects may have more options.

      Note: The Table Of Contents pod displays all books and pages with the standard icons regardless of the selection you make at the Advanced tab. After you generate the project, you can view icons in the Contents pane.
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          That help topic relates to HTML Help (.CHM file) output only. Assuming you are outputting CHM files, what you need to do is set your default single source layout to Microsift HTML Help in your Single Source Layouts pod.


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