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    Save as Text deletes the last character of a 130-132 char line


      I have various reports the lines of which consist of:

      a) 132 "*" 's --- they "Save as Text"  as 132 "*" 's

      b) Data lines that are 129 chrs or less in length --- they "Save as Text" completely

      c) Data lines that are 130 chrs in length --- they "Save as Text" as 129 chrs - last char of line missing

      d) Data lines that are 131 chrs in length --- ther "Save as Text" as 130 chrs (!!) - last char of line missing

          The reports don't contain any 132 character Data lines.

          The above applies both to column titles and regular report data lines.


      I have installed/uninstalled  8.1, 9.1 and 9.2 versions of Adobe Reader - all of these versions show this problem


      I have viewed the resulting text file in Notepad, Wordpad, Word, and "Monarch" (a data extract program) - all show this problem.


      Attached are 2 files:

      a) A PDF file showing the complete report - "Departmental Report.PDF"

      b) The file that results form "File.... Save as Text...." showing the 'cut off' characters - "Departmental Report.txt"