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    Macintosh Gamma vs Windows Gamma

    bikeman01 Level 1

      Can anyone give me some tips on using colour for macs and windows.


      I use Fireworks on windows and get the colours like I want. They look great across all browsers including Safari for Windows but when viewed though the Macintosh Gamma they look very different; washed out and blue's escpecially are much lighter than I intend.


      I am finding that my clients increasingly use Macs and complain of 'weak colours'. So the problem I have is a choice to design for my customer's mac or for everyone' else's pc. Many don't appreciate that what looks good on their Mac is not what the rest of the world sees.


      Is it just a case of repeatedly toggling mac gamma on and off to get a colour compromise? Does sticking to web safe colours make a difference?


      How do others deal with these colour variations across mac/windows?


      I am aware that Apple changed their default gamma in Snowleopard to match Windows so things are getting better.