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    problems editing large-ish avi


      I have an avi file that is 43.2mb. It plays in windows media player absolutely fine. However when it is imported into premier it doesn't play back hardly atall. The first frame is 'frozen' and the sound jumps about. I have tried exporting the un-edited file as an avi to test if it is just the playback, and the exported file plays exactly the same in windows media player as it does in Premier (ie, broken sound, frozen frame). I have come to the conclusion that the problem lies in premier rather than the file...seeing as the original files plays fine in wmp...but I dont want to jump to conclusions.

      Any ideas?

      I have also tried cutting a 7 second segment out of the original avi in premier and playing that/exporting it at as an avi only to have the same problems. I have also tried exporting it as a 4mb flv file only to have the same playback.