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    XML - Code to instruct XML button to grab HTML/SWF and gotoAndStop (frame/label)


      Hello Everyone and thank you in advance for taking the time to read my question.


      I have an XML driven NEWS SCROLLER (indicated by the red circles below)


      I wish screenshot.png


      K-Glad was a great help with providing me the steps/code used to have the XML menu forward the user to a specific FRAME/LABEL however, I wish to take this one step further.


      XML Code Currently Used


      <a href="asfunction:gotoA, booznooz">Click <b>HERE</b> to download your copy today!</a>


      ActionScript Code Currently Used


      function gotoA(label:String) (unsure if what's in red is necessary or not)


      This time around, I would like the code to push the user to a entirely different HTML/SWF combo and forward them to a particular FRAME or LABEL within that particular HTML/SWF combo.


      I've trialed and errored a bunch of what I thought made sense however it either doesn't work or stops the XML menu from displaying in it's entireity.


      Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.


      Cheers and Thanks,