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    Flash CS4 Unexpected file format

    hwormser Level 1

      I'm suddenly getting an "Unexpected file format" error on virtually every Flash CS4 file that I try to open. These are files that I created and I'm trying to open tham on the same computer on which they were created. The only thing that I can think of that has changed is that I installed some new fonts, so I deleted those, but that hasn't helped.


      I've tried retrieving files that I had backed up to a server, and those give me the same error. The only files that I AM able to open are 1) a test file that I created in CS4, saved, closed and reopened, and 2) files that had been created in CS3.


      I have hundreds of files that I need to work on, so any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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          hi there hwormser


          It seems that this was caused by the .fla file you were trying to open being made in a newer version of flash, possibly adobe flash CS5. you might try to open it with adobe flash CS5 then click File>Save As>Save as type>Flash CS4 Document.


          hope this helps!