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    How to use swf file for Spark Skin


      Hi all


      I have little confuse about how to use swf file with Spark Skin,


      in Flex3 , i use Flex Skin Design Extension for Flash to deal with skin ,


      so basically , I just create a swf file and import to the project , then everything is ok


      but , seem that not working in flex4 , spark skin.


      1` I can't find the Flex Skin Design for the FlashCs4

      2` I try to use FlashCs3 version to import the skin art to the project , but seemed not working.

      3` I Google and check the Flex4 Help , seemed Spak skin need the Skin-Class , which I don't know how to use that with swf file

          what I have searched is how to use FXG , or some jpg file in that skin class, none of them are use swf file.


      so , is there any way that let user use the swf file to deal with the skin?

             is the Flex Skin Design can use in Flex4?