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    Why does the audio cut out on imported files in Premiere Pro CS4?


      I've been having this problem for a while and have searched and searched for answers but I just can't find one.


      Sometimes when I'm using Premiere Pro CS4, some video files I import have issues with audio. Usually what happens is I import about four movie clips, two of them work just fine, the other two have the first 5-10 seconds of audio and then the audio cuts out completely. Sometimes the waveforms show the drop in audio, sometimes it doesn't. The clips I import are always .mov. The video is H.264 and the audio is AAC.


      If I open the clip in VisualHub and convert it to an mp4 file with h.264 video and aac audio, then it works.


      So why in the world can I not get the original clip to work?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!