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    Adobe needs to provide better themes - like Infragistics for Silverlight

    is2 Level 1

      First off, I am not a Silverlight promoter.  On the contrary, I just want my Flex applications to look as nice as some of the Silverlight examples I just saw at Infragistics.   Very impressive.   And so the question.   Why does Adobe - the author of Photoshop - and the center of the designer world - not have not just good but GREAT themes for us to use with Flex.   The appearance of Flex applications were supposed to get easier and better but all I am seeing is harder. 


      Search Google for Flex 4 themes and all I got was ScaleNine and those were primarily Flex 3.   The themes that come with the Flex 4 beta were minimal to say the least.


      I am a programmer not a designer.   And please do not say - the themes are the land of the designers.   With our windows apps, the theming comes as options to choose from .    True, this is from our third party vendors - DevExpress and Infragistics.   But still, please.   If we want to beat the Microsoft guys, we have to have better looks on our apps.     Choose from the a list of themes.   Good gosh, if small companies like Infragistics and DevExpress can do it for Silverlight, surely Adobe can do it for the massive Flex crowd.


      Just my two cents worth.   Tired of hearing how Silverlight apps look so much better than the Flex apps.


      And yes, we have built themes for Flex 3.   All the time and the expense.   And not applicable at all to the new spark controls.


      Bill Brittain