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    Creating online Help for a PHP application in RoboHelp

    KSpeed, technical writer Level 1

      Our developers are working in PHP and have been hard-coding Help into their applications. (We create Internet filtering software that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.) I would like to help them create a full-fledged Help system for our application, but I need help in convincing them that it is adviseable,  possible, and appropriate. Any testimonials?


      Also, could someone advise whether to go with HTML Help, Web Help, or Adobe Air for Web 2.0 -- and outline how my Help files would be linked into their PHP code. (Unfortunately, I know virtually nothing about PHP and am not a programmer. I have previous experience creating HTML Help -- CHM files -- for use in C++ applications. As I recall, we had to map each of the Help topics to the appropriate page in the application.


      If anyone could point me to examples of Help created for PHP, that would be tremendous. And general guidelines about how to get started would be extremely useful.


      I'm also using Captivate and would also like to link in my Flash demos from Captivate.