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    [AS] Missing link file path info bug?


      Hi guys. A quick intro before I get into the problem.  We have a setup where all our work is stored on a server (that's indds, links, all) but worked on locally. When a job is completed the whole folder is moved to another server for archiving and we end up with lots of missing links. Pretty much what you'd expect. Fixing the thousands of jobs we have manually is out of the question so we wrote a script to iterate through the folders, open the indd files and collect link data (file path and date) and write it to a external text file.


      The problem manifests itself when you try and get the file path of a link that's located on a server but this particular server is not mounted. If you were to select the link through the GUI the link info palette gives you the last known path correctly but when you ask for it via the script (i.e. file path of item link...) you get a blank result - absolutely nothing.


      Any ideas will be much appreciated.