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    Presenter 7 - Force Slide Order?

    retro74 Level 1
      Just started playing around with this. The slide order is a huge shortcoming and maybe someone has an XML or SWF trick for me?

      I want the user to take the slides ONLY in a particular order, but I want to keep the vavigation pane (on the Left side in my case). I tried to set the minimum time to 10 seconds and that LOCKS the slide for 10 seconds. When I have sound done, then it will match the sound duration and I get that. The problem is that I can click on ANY slide in the Left navigation pane and thus take the course out of order. I want to force it to go in sequence.

      I have not tried the Next Slide option and there may be other tricks. Adobe should have had a setting checkbox set like this:
      X Slides must be taken in order presented
      X Allow backward movement

      There are many other things that I'll post, including a few crashes, but so far, this is one slick tool that just begs for more options.

      Joe C.
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          You can force a slide order by using Lock slide and Go to Slide options in Slide Manager . Locking the slide will not let user navigate to any other slide and Go to Slide will help you in defining Slide order.
          For e.g lets say you have eight slides in the Presentation and you want user to follow the sequence 13245 and no restrictions for rest 3 slides then you lock these 5 slides and define Go to Slide 3 for Slide 1 , Go to slide 2 for Slide 3 , Go to Slide 4 for Slide 2 in Slide Manager .

          I tried it on a Presentation , it works ..
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            retro74 Level 1
            I tried that long ago (almost immediately) and it is not working that way here.

            I have beein in touch with the developers in India and I sent them my mockups of the issues. In fact I sent them about a dozen issues. We'll see what they come up with.

            Joe C.
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              catholicon Level 1
              Can you upload your presentation (and may be the mockups as well)?

              The feature works for me. Although, the definition of the feature is not totally author-centric. With this feature Presenter allows the author to force viewing of the slide for the whole time-span.
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                us85 Level 1
                Hi Joe,

                Does your Presentation contain only content slides or some Question/Quiz slides as well?
                There is one point to note here- the 'Lock Slide' option does NOT apply to Question Slides. So if you have a Quiz of say 5 questions, and you Lock all these 5 slides, you will still be able to move back and forth without answering the questions. This is because the 'Lock' functionality does not apply to Question slides.
                But there is a way you can force the user to follow an order in Quizzes as well. Simply select the 'Answer All' option in 'Edit Quiz' settings of your Quiz. Follow these steps :
                1. Open Quiz Manager
                2. Click on the Edit button of the Quiz
                3. Click on the 'Pass or Fail Options' tab
                4. Select 'Answer All' option from the 'Required' list box.

                On selecting this option you will have to answer the current question to move ahead in the Course. If you are on Qs 2 you cannot jump to Qs 3,4,5 or any subsequent slide in the Presentation unless you answer Qs 2. Similarly, after answering Qs 2, you will HAVE to answer Qs 3 and so on. As a result you are able to restrict the movement of the user from the navigation panel.

                Conclusion :
                1. Use 'Lock Slide' option for Content Slides.
                2. Use 'Answer All' option for Quiz slides.

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                  kathita_goel Level 1

                  On applying lock slide option on a content slide (i.e not a question slide) , you can't navigate to any other slide when this slide is playing and slide gets locked for duration of that slide .

                  Also ,in published output i can see a lock shape on bottom left corner of that slide for 1-2 seconds .

                  Can you see that lock shape in content slide locked in published output and are you applying lock slide option on a content slide ....

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                    retro74 Level 1
                    I have been all over these solutions.
                    I do indeed see the lock for 1/2 of the duration of the slides. I have even tried 0 seconds and 1 second.

                    I am working with the developers in India to resolve this issue. I sent them two mockups and two compiled projects.

                    I am seeing that i can't navigate past a Quiz, but I can jump to any slide that i want to before a quiz and I need this locked.

                    I uninstalled and reinstalled too. I also tested the default Adobe presentation and I get the same results (I can skip to any slide that I want), so something strange is going on here.

                    I'll give the developers a chance on this and then post back what they come up with.

                    Joe C.
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                      kathita_goel Level 1
                      If you don't want to jump to any slide before Quiz ,there is a Quiz level option which restricts backward movement for Question slides in that Quiz. To restrict backward movement , Go to Edit Quiz in Quiz Manager and uncheck -Allow Backward movement .

                      I hope this helps ..
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                        kathita_goel Level 1
                        Hi Joe ,

                        I just noticed that when Advance by user is checked and Slide is locked then as soon as user reaches end of that slide , slide unlocks and stops , which allows user to navigate .If you uncheck this option and keep the slides locked then it restricts navigation.

                        But this way it will not be advanced by user .So, If you want to wait for user then you can insert wait for user command using Audio Editor ...Insert->Command

                        Just cross check if you have "Advance By user" option checked .

                        Let me know if this helps .
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                          retro74 Level 1
                          I agree with the concept of turning off the advance by user option which I do have enabled for all slides. However, the concept is to allow the user to read at their own pace. Even if I record sound and let that finish, the user should still take the time needed to take it all in. Some of my stuff is charts and tables and users might want to study them before advanncing. The flaw seems to be that users can go to any slide, out of order.

                          I inserted Quiz Groups after several slides to prevent them from jumping forward to any slide, but I had to disable the thumbnails and slide outline list in the side panel.

                          I have been in touch with the developers on a DAILY basis and I believe they are paying attention to this quirk for possible improvement. I have sent them three mockups that demonstrate different aspects of this problem and I believe they have a 100% solid picture of the related issues a this time. I do want a solution, but lets see what they can do to resolve this issue.

                          Joe C.
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                            kathita_goel Level 1
                            I tried it one more time ....

                            Lets take an example of a Presentation having some content slide giving Overview followed by a Quiz folllowed by Conclusion , and it is required that user must view it in order and can't navigate outside then

                            In case of Content slide : Lock slide + Insert "wait for user" command in Audio Editor just before the time when slide is ending e.g if slide duration is 15 second insert it at 14.5x seconds (you need not insert an audio to insert that command , this option lets you insert a command which pauses published output as soon as user reaches that particular instant of time in timeline where you inserted this command ) .. Ensure that "Advance by user" is unchecked for this slide in Slide Manager

                            For Quiz slide , simply make Quiz as "Answer all" and "Disallow backward movement " This are Quiz level settings

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                              retro74 Level 1
                              The good news is that the sound editing solution noted above does work. I appreciate your can-do and never say never attitude because it makes the Message Boards useful.

                              While your solution does work, it is still a work around to what should be a single checkbox for the entire presentation. I have more than several hundred slides to deal with in a project that spans over 1,000 hours of development time and I DO appreciate the solution / workaround. But my time will be simplified with the proper option and this tool is supposed to be a simple way of getting this done from PpowerPoint, so perhaps Adobe will see the point where simplicity looks brillient and workarounds are torture.

                              Note that I did try Select-All and then the Insert Command, that does not insert the command for all slides. It requires doing this for each slide.

                              There are other problems that I sent to Adobe, including the Quiz Summaries per Quiestion Group forcing the presentation to stop dead at the Quiz summary and not continue. I sent them a slew of small issues and I do believe that they are at least listening and seeing what I found. If all goes well, that will mean smarter software in the future.

                              The key to Presenter 7 is simplicity and locking out options that cannot work. Adobe has a good idea here, but the last 10% may take 50% of the effort to add the polish that locks-out impossible scenarios (or at least warns about them) and where one click can replace hundreds of clicks for setup. It is hard to think this way for some programmers, but the concept is to have the software do what the person is thinking without the workarounds, hacks or odd settings that act as workarounds. They are quite close and reporting the issues to Adobe gives us all a chance to make the process smoother, faster and more enjoyable.

                              Thanks for your workaround, it is a "punt" strategy for me now and I think that Adobe may find a way to do this with one checkbox.

                              Joe C.
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                                Hey Joe Cool,

                                Currently I am having the same problem as you are. However, I am doing something a little different, my quiz is actually a survey. I must have my slides ordered though, because I have questions that ask something and depending on the answer given it sends them either to this question or that question. I could not find any way to force slide order, until today. This is only a work around and with how many slides you have I am not sure if it is even probable! However, I took and I put every question under a new question group. Well somehow it works! Only problem is I still can't get the advanced options on multiple choice to actually skip a slide when B) No is selected. It just freezes and will not go any further. Anyways, I just thought I would throw that out there, and see what you thought.